Prep Dyson Building competition runners up visit the site

Pupils were interested to learn how technology is supporting the construction project. For example, instead of just a spirit level, the carpenter uses lasers to ensure that the work is straight. Furthermore, when the various pipework and structures are being fitted into the building, they have a clever app which shows a 3D plan of what the finished building will look like. Therefore, elements can be ‘de-constructed’ on the iPad prior to fitting parts of the build, in order to anticipate any potential issues and solve them virtually before completing each stage. Pupils had a great view down into the building from the roof and saw the specific areas which have been designated as ‘living’ walls, including the positions where trees will grow up through the outer wall designs. They also saw the positioning of the plaster boards which Prep pupils have ‘doodled’ on, which have now been hidden within the structure.