Prep School create exciting new podcast series

The Prep School have been recording podcasts covering different topics, with the aim of creating a resource to help pupils. In the most recent episode, our mental health nurses, Kate Pollicott-Reid and Elliot Robinson, spoke about the importance of mental health. The group chatted about a variety of topics relating to wellbeing, anxiety and different strategies to deal with social engagement, interaction and overall mental health. The hope is that it may open doors for conversations with people around mental health at home with parents and carers and for them to know that there is support if needed.

The first podcast included the Prep Head Boy and Head Girl talking about what it is like to carry out their role and the advice they would give to younger pupils regarding their time in Prep School and what has worked for them.

For future podcasts, a series will be created to help Year 8 pupils with the transition from Prep School to Senior School. These will feature interviews with teachers, Housemasters and Housemistresses about life at the Senior School. They are also going to speak to the Senior Head Boy and Girl about their experiences of the transition between the two schools.

Podcast #1 – Talking to Prep School Head Boy and Head Girl

Podcast #2 – Mental Health