Prep Schools

Gresham’s has developed an exciting Lectures, talks and coaching booklet which its staff are delighted to provide to Prep and Junior Schools.  In addition, the Headmaster and Senior School staff are always happy to visit and talk about the opportunities at Gresham’s and the transition to senior schools.

To enquire about booking any of these, please contact the Marketing Team on 01263 714500, or email

Title Details
Fireworks A fascinating look at all the aspects of fireworks: colour, gases, light and small explosions.
Chemistry John offers a variety of hands-on chemistry sessions to introduce prep school children to the practical side of Chemistry.
Medieval medicine Simon will take you on a journey through the world of medieval medicine.
German traditions Francis can run a taster lesson to introduce pupils to this wonderful language and culture.
Crime scene investigation Can you work out whose DNA was left behind?
Maps Dominic can host a talk about the marvellous world of maps and geography.
An introduction to the French Revolution This illustrated talk examines why the French Revolution happened, its significance and its relevance to the modern world.
Gresham’s spies Gresham’s School produced more traitors and spies for the Soviet Union than any other school in Britain in the 1930s. This illustrated talk explores the characters at the heart of the Cambridge and Oxford spy rings and seeks to explain the Gresham’s connection with espionage and treachery.
Geography Presentations on a host of geography topics such as ‘saving the rainforests’, ‘climate change’ and ‘globalisation’.  Do get in touch for ideas and advice on fieldwork trips.
Democracy in America What is American democracy? How well has it worked? This session gives an overview of the highs and lows of democracy in the world’s superpower.
Design and technology Groups of up to 12 pupils are welcome to visit for a hands-on practical workshop.
Halloween fingers! Create your own, rather gruesome, Halloween severed finger!
Ordinary into extraordinary Henrietta will take a look at the transformative nature of art.
Art and illusion The History of Art teacher will look at the different approaches to painting.
Art and the environment Discover how an artist engages and responds to nature.
Title Details
Drama Bridget can offer practical introductory workshops on a variety of topics and styles including: Mask work, The commedia cell’arte, puppetry, pantomime and melodrama.
Drama Louise can offer practical introductory workshops to Brecht, and Stanislavski, and to theatrical styles such as physical theatre, realism and creative adaptation.
Title Details
Solo singing For pupils taking their singing very seriously, advice for aspiring solo singers on vocal technique.
Choral singing Choral workshops with your choirs exploring choral singing – making the most of your choir, including their vocal technique and working as a team.
Scholarship preparation Scholarship preparation for pupils preparing for music awards, wherever boys and girls hope to apply; this can help pupils give of their best at auditions.
Title Details
Refereeing, umpiring and coaching Gresham’s has a number of coaches, umpires and referees who would be willing to help out at your school games.
Rugby coaching Gresham’s 1st XV coaches.
RFU Level 3 coach.
Netball coaching Former England International player and coach, Norfolk Thoroughbreds Netball coach and 1st VII Coach.
Cricket coaching ECB Level 4 coach and Norfolk County Cricket Club coach and captain.
Tennis coaching LTA Level 4 coach and Norfolk County Tennis player.
LTA Level 3 coach and Northants County Ladies player.
GB Biathlon Ex-GB Biathlete Anna Watt will talk to you about the world of competitive sport and training.
Kayaking Francis would be happy to run a Kayaking taster session in the Gresham’s pool.
Trampolining Steve can run a trampoline taster session in the Gresham’s Gym.
Shooting Gresham’s has an excellent 8-lane, 25 yards indoor rifle range used for .22 small-bore shooting.  It can also be easily adapted to be used for 10 metre air rifle shooting.  Freddie can offer taster sessions in the rifle range.


Title Details
Bedtime stories A late-night talk from the Housemaster of Howson’s to the boys about eerie wartime stories.
Steam trains Steam Train enthusiast (and driver) James invites you to learn about the wonderful world of steam trains.
Debating Learn how to debate and take part in a fun debating competition with prizes.