The Classics are alive and well at Gresham’s Prep! We are fortunate to have a Classics dedicated classroom and subject specialist staff.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils studying Latin follow our in-house textbook, Salve, which gives them a solid grounding in grammar, wide knowledge of vocabulary and a great deal of translation practice. They have the opportunity to do extra translations from the Cambridge Latin Course. Great emphasis is put on the links between Latin and English, so increasing and improving grammatical knowledge and structure as well as vocabulary in English and other, modern, foreign languages.

Additionally, pupils in Year 8 do an independent project – on a question of their choice, related to Ancient Rome – giving them invaluable experience in how to construct a well-argued essay and a chance to investigate and delve deeply into one area of Ancient Rome. This project forms part of their end of Year 8 assessment added to the comprehension, translation and grammar components.

In Year 6, in the Summer Term at lunch time, the Department runs the ‘Cool Classics Club’, allowing younger pupils a taste of Latin – using the Minimus course – plus an introduction to life in Ancient Rome. In Year 8, pupils following the Scholarship route, after the exams, follow an introductory Ancient Greek course and take an exam in the subject at the end of the year giving pupils the opportunity to learn the Ancient Greek alphabet and to discover some of the – very important – links between Ancient Greek and English. In Year 8, for Scholars, there is an after-school Latin Scholarship activity, running until the exams, to allow pupils extra practice and time to analyse grammar more thoroughly.

In the Summer Term, Year 6 and 7 pupils take part in the annual Roman Banquet, an evening of togas, entertainment and – nearly – authentic Roman food! Year 8 have their very own Panem et Circenses, finishing off their Classics career at the Prep in style!