Children lead full and busy lives at Gresham’s Prep.

The school day is long however sport and curriculum based music, performing arts and dance all take place within the normal school day. Supervised Prep also takes place within the school day. Children are not set homework; life is incredibly busy at Gresham’s Prep and we believe that children should be able to relax in the evenings once the formal school day is over; the children may want to carry out revision and research tasks in the evenings, but there is no formal homework set.

We are extremely proud of the standard of our pastoral care and previous inspection reports have commented very favourably on this aspect of the school. (ISI Inspection report 2016 and ISI boarding report 2013). The welfare and happiness of every child is of huge importance to us and we constantly strive to ensure that all children are happy and carefully and sensitively guided.

“When I visited the school I was instantly impressed by staff and children.

Current Parent, December 2013

We encourage children to be open and honest and to discuss problems and issues with each other and with staff. In addition to dedicated house parents and matrons every child has a tutor with whom they meet regularly. There is a diverse range of children in the school and we want every child whatever their strengths and weaknesses, to feel valued and cared for. This lies at the core of our purpose.

The school values tolerance, kindness and good manners very highly and there is a strong moral code that pervades the school.

Discipline is based on common sense and there is a system of merits and demerits which encourages children to behave in the right way and make the right choices.