Saturday School and Home Weekends

Saturday School is an integral part of life at Gresham’s Prep.

The morning begins at 8.30am with our weekly Chapel Service which is attended by children and staff as well as many parents and families.  This is a very special community event loved by many people in our community.  After Chapel most children attend lessons until around 11.30am.  Coffee and biscuits are provided for parents; this is often followed by such events as Parents’ Association meetings or meetings for parents on various topics.

Chapel and Saturday School is voluntary for Years 3 and 4 apart from major school occasions. For children in Years 3 and 4 who wish to attend school on Saturday there is an extensive programme of Art, Design, Music, Drama and Sport.

Sports, including many fixtures, take place from noon which parents are, of course, very welcome to watch.  (They are provided with a delicious match tea afterwards!)  Depending on the timing of their sport, children have supervised Prep time at some point on Saturday morning or afternoon.  Pick up for day children is normally between 3.30pm and 4.00pm although it can be earlier if they have an early sports fixture or later if they are playing an away match.

“This is a happy, well run prep.”

The Good Schools Guide

Roughly every third weekend is either a ‘Home Weekend’ or a natural break in the term (half term or end of term).  Home Weekends start at 4.00pm on Fridays and day children return to school on Monday morning.  Boarders may return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Home Weekends provide a time for rest and recuperation as well as giving opportunity for the family to have a full weekend together.

Inevitably some important family occasions take place on Saturdays during term time and the Headmaster is flexible in allowing children time away from school on these occasions.