Tyler is our MeDVets group’s first successful pupil

The Senior School has a group called MeDVets, which has been devised to support pupils looking to apply for Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinarian courses. Each student is given bespoke materials and support to help them through the application process and secure a place at university. As the process is so competitive, our pupils start their preparation in Year 12 and some even in Year 11.

Tyler Monro, who left us last year after completing  Year 13, is now at Medical School at the University of Manchester. Here is what she has to say of her experience of MeDVets:

“Manchester is ranked as a top 10 medical school in the UK and they have amazing clinical and research facilities. I was so excited that I got in, as the application process is an uphill battle. However, I had a lot of help at Gresham’s in order to achieve this. Firstly, I had spoken to my tutor about applying, followed by the career advisor, as I was not sure how to go about achieving this as knowing where to start is quite overwhelming. Medicine is not only about grades, there is so much more to organise and prepare for, we discussed the different universities that I was interested in and worked out what I needed to do. I was in constant communication with Mrs Mack, who helped me set a plan in motion, along with my tutor who also helped me through the application process. Medicine applications are multilayered, you have to have top grades, a gripping personal statement, weeks of work experience, a good UCAT score and stand out in interviews. This all seemed impossible.

The MeDVet course started by guiding me through the UCAT, which is an aptitude test that you have to take in the summer in order to apply for medicine. I was given help whilst looking for different resources and practice questions to aid me throughout my revision. Along with tips and advice on personal statements, I was also given interview preparation resources which gave advice on the different questions and interview types. Practising for the interviews was so helpful as the interviews could be so intense. I had a lot of support from all my teachers and the staff to help me through this difficult process, all encouraging me and who were just as excited as me when I got my offer. I am thankful to everyone who helped me and am so excited to continue this journey.”