Pupils have reflected on their summer work experience

Several Year 12 pupils did summer work experience with OGs working in Architecture and Politics to gain an insight into the work place and to develop their knowledge of the sector to help with going into Year 13 and post sixth form decisions – this is some of their feedback.

“I worked at an architecture firm in Norwich called Purcell UK. While I was there I was shown an example of a bid which they show to clients who are interested in their architecture. I was also able to try some ideas for planning a reconstruction of a school into a house, in which I was able to explore various room planning options. I was then shown around a site which they are currently working on, which allowed me to experience the building process in person.
I worked at a different company the following week called Hudson’s. During my time there I was given a floor plan of a house, and created a model of it using 3D printed materials, as well as various boards. The project was scaled down, though all still in correct proportion so I gained an insight into how the entire property would look when finished.”

Henri C. 12/Edinburgh

I did and architecture work experience and it is interesting as it allows you to see a bit more about the job in a day-to-day situation as well as giving you a good feeling for what it might be like and if it is something that you would want to do in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to people who have completed the degree course and so they can tell you a bit more about it e.g., the good and bad parts, such as working in the studio and the hours spent there. As well as this, even if you decide it isn’t something you want to do, you might learn about other related jobs that you find interesting.

Sophia W. 12/Queens’

My work experience was an excellent insight into life as an architect as I was actively involved in tasks such as floor-planning, which was quite similar to what a real architect would carry out. I very much enjoyed this insight and it has helped me further decide on a career path. Work experience is an essential process of choosing a suitable area in which to study.

Ned P. 12/Farfield

Year 12 pupil Oliver B., Howson’s, has a great interest in Politics and did a week’s work experience with MP Duncan Baker in his summer constituency. Ollie said it was a superb experience and is now looking to set up and organise a trip for Gresham’s pupil to the Houses of Parliament.

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