Pupils in our CCF programme have a busy summer term

Pupils involved in our CCF programme have enjoyed a busy term and benefitted from a packed training schedule.

Field Day saw the whole of Year 9 involved in assessment of their expedition skills with navigation, campcraft and trekking activities. Year 10 experienced military training according to section, with the Royal Navy section afloat with sailing, kayaking and powerboating at Hickling Broad, the Army section completing field craft skills including blank firing battle simulations and the RAF section learning skills that culminated in a navigation and evasion exercise.

The senior NCOs have also enjoyed a formal dinner, in a temporary outdoor mess hall, as a recognition of their contribution to the contingent over many years.

The pupils are now looking forward to their summer activity days, making the best use of our on-site resources for shooting, adventure training and a fieldcraft exercise, plus an exciting year ahead.