Pupils in Years 11-13 took part in our very first Fright Night

Pupils from Years 11-13 took part in the Drama department’s very first production of Fright Night, a promenade theatre piece which turned the Auden Theatre and Senior School woods into an Asylum. The audience were taken on a tour of the Asylum, led by the Doctors (Johnny D and Phoebe W), and met the patients that occupy the grounds. The cast were hugely creative and committed to their performances and worked incredibly hard to achieve their aim of combining spine chilling storytelling and jump scares along the route. The piece was also supported by Mr Myers and the BTEC Musical Production pupils who created a sinister soundscape. Terrifying makeup designs were also provided by the talented Amber E-K and Anna P-S. The feedback from the audience has been fantastic and the department looks forward to bringing another Fright Night production to Gresham’s in the very near future!