Queens’ are set to face Oakeley in the inter-house debating final

The evening of Monday 14th March witnessed another outstanding semi final as Howson’s proposed and Queens’ opposed the motion: This House believes it is better to be kind than to be truthful.

Howson’s – Alex M, Elliott H and Seb B – suggested that kindness was God-given, endorsed by the Gresham’s Code, and is an essential attribute to lighten the burdens of life, whereas truth is subjective, cruel and detrimental to relationships and society. Queens’ – Tillie C, Miranda H-S and Hazel S – argued that truth trumps kindness at a personal and societal level and in terms of both long and short term impacts, and that the comfort of kind lies was an illusion, whilst kindness could be toxic and ingenuine.  

This was a cracking contest with an excellent atmosphere and all six speakers on top of their material, arguing with passion and going head-to-head on the major points of clash, with evidence ranging from Father Christmas, Tillie’s chances of being an Olympic swimmer and Mrs O’Donnell’s words of encouragement to Alex in English class. Queens’ just prevailed and now face Oakeley in Monday’s Final which takes place in Chapel at 7.45pm.