Record deal for OG Amelia Fox

It’s what every singer dreams of, being plucked off the street and given a record deal. For #OldGreshamian Amelia Fox (c & E 2010-19) this became reality in her Upper Sixth year when Record Producer Rollo Armstrong heard her singing in a school concert. In her words ‘he liked my voice’ and they exchanged details and the rest as they say, is history.

Amelia worked with Rollo and Chris Cooper, piano teacher and Studio Producer at Gresham’s over the Summer of 2019 on Rollo’s project R Plus as a vocalist, replacing Dido who had sung on his first album. R Plus have recently signed an album to Armada Music and the first single from this, a dance cover of Joy Division’s Love will tear us apart has now been released and can be found by clicking here. The vocals for the single were recorded in The Strathmore Studio in the Britten Building at Gresham’s.

For Amelia this is a big moment in forging a career as a singer and we wish her well and who knows, she might be back to adjudicate House Music one day!