Dominic Atkinson_Farfield Housemaster

Dominic Atkinson became the 11th Housemaster of Farfield in 2013. He is married to Sarah and they have two children, Jemima (11) and Imogen (9) who both attend the Prep School in Years 6 and 5 respectively. Dominic and Sarah lived and worked in London until moving to Gresham’s in 2009.

Dominic is also the Assistant Head Co-Curricular, Master in Charge of Cricket and teaches Geography. Sarah is Farfield’s Matron and also the School Physiotherapist. The Atkinson’s have three dogs; Dennis, a chocolate lab; Milly, a black lab and Tilly, a Westie.

Farfield was the third House to be built at Gresham’s in 1911, located a small distance away from the centre of the school. It was opened in 1911 as part of a surge of renewal and expansion at Gresham’s led by George Howson and the first Housemaster (Major JC Miller). Boys were transferred there from a smaller house called Bengal Lodge. The House has undergone a major redevelopment and refurbishment in the last few years. The House has excellent facilities as well as the Farfield field for football and other outdoor games. The old Dining Hall is the Common Room and is largely used for watching television and relaxing. An Entertainment show, Farfield Entertains, is held every year featuring music, sketches and drama playing to packed audiences in the Common Room. The symbol of Farfield is an owl. We strive for a welcoming, family orientated and relaxing House that the boys see as a Home from Home and somewhere which they look back at proudly and fondly when they leave School. When they leave they can carve their name on the front steps; we have names dating back over 50 years now!

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A list of former Housemasters at Farfield can be found here.


Farfield House Guide for Parents and Pupils


House Team

Residential staff:

  • Mr Tom Burnett is the Assistant Housemaster and the Year 9 tutor. Tom is Head of Academic PE, Assistant DSL and is in charge of Services and Charities at the School.
  • Mrs Sarah Atkinson is our House Matron.

Visiting House Staff:

  • Mr Freddie Grounds, Mr David Saker, Mr Stephen Lowe, Mr Mitch Kemp, Mr Rob Hazlewood, Mr Charlie Mack and Mrs Katrina Mousley all undertake a prep or evening duty during the week and are all academic tutors.
  • Wendy, Mandy, Bridget and Lisa are the wonderful House cleaning ladies.

 House appointments 2020-21:

  • Head of House: Teddy Chapple
  • Deputy Head of House: Matt Hay
  • House Prefects: Caspar Schlueter, Sakhumuzi Ndlela, Lorenz Romeni, Tom Sankey, Peter Westmore, Harry Basset, Arthur Aldridge