Katrina Mousley

Katrina Mousley is the current Housemistress of Oakeley House and started at Gresham’s in September 2012. Katrina lives in Oakeley with her husband Andrew, who works in the Catering department at the Prep along with their two daughters who attend the Prep School.

Katrina loves travelling, walking, camping and exploring especially prehistoric landmarks. She also enjoys cycling, swimming and reading. When she is not in the House she can be found teaching Spanish and French to Senior level in the Library block. Katrina is an avid supporter of human rights and helps run the Gresham’s Amnesty International Youth group and Period Poverty group. She also likes to promote awareness of ecological issues and encourages the Oakeley girls to be green!

Oakeley House, the oldest of the girl’s houses, is named after Dick Bagnall-Oakeley, Old Greshamian (OG), Geography teacher at Gresham’s (1933-’68), and radio and TV presenter of Natural History programmes.

Originally built in 1903, situated on the south side of the Cromer Road, the ‘House’ was the School Sanatorium until the mid-late 30’s when what is now Britten House was built for the role. It then became staff accommodation until about 1972 when girls started to join Gresham’s in small but steadily growing numbers.
The ‘new’ East Wing at the Library end, was built in 1977/’78, and the girls’ house accommodating 50, was finally established. When numbers in Oakeley reached 100 a second girl’s house (Edinburgh) was opened.

In 1988 an extension was built to accommodate junior boarders and the cottages were given a major overhaul in 1994 to provide more senior boarding accommodation.

The central part of Oakeley has been completely rebuilt. The new central block was started in the old garden and the East and West wings were renovated in July 2016 and the original house at the centre was demolished in July 2017.

Oakeley OG and British actress Olivia Colman of ‘Broadchurch’ fame came to officially open the new Oakeley House in February 2018.

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Oakeley House handbook 2018-19

House Team

Residential Staff

  • Mrs C Greenfield is Assistant Housemistress and is the new Head of Mandarin.
  • The House Matron is Mrs Denise Bunkell. She has been the full time residential matron of Oakeley since 2001 and has the Professional Practice Certificate in Boarding Welfare and Pastoral Care. She is responsible for a wide range of pastoral and practical issues and as a parent of two boys who were at the School as boarders in Woodlands, she has experience of the School from both sides of the fence.

Visiting and Academic Tutors:

  • Mrs Julie Flower – Director of Pastoral Care
  • Miss Emma Whittle – Head of Psychology
  • Miss Fi Gathercole – Assistant Head Co-curricular – Biology teacher
  • Ms Bridget O’Brien, Director of Drama
  • Mrs Katrina Robinson – Teacher of ESL
  • Mrs Stephanie Gates – Head of Learning Support
  • Miss Sophie Mullan – Teacher of Geography and PE
  • Ms Kaz Higashi – Teacher of Business Studies
  • Miss Sophie King, Teach of Geography
  • Miss Anne Unterheiner, Assistant Librarian and French Assistant

House of House – Adrienne Flux
Deputy Head of House – Libby Noy
House Prefects – Amy Matthews, Leonora Riley, Jessica Spooner, Anastasia Shcherbakova, Marta Tallinn, Bettina Zur Muehlen.