Charitable Work

Gresham’s was set up as a charity and as such takes its responsibilities seriously ensuring that it has a community focus to many of the events and activities that take place at the school.

Alongside cultural pursuits we encourage students to take an interest in the wider world and develop a responsibility for their community. Every week, a number of students participate in a wide range of activities. Through our fundraising programme, we think it essential that our pupils look beyond their immediate environment and that they develop a sense of social duty to those less fortunate.

Each year, pupils and staff organise a number of fundraising activities for a named Charity of the Year. In 2020/21 we are supporting The Treehouse, a local charity situated in Holt that aims to help vulnerable children and adults within the community. So far this academic year, fundraising events have included a Christmas Tree Festival, a half marathon and teachers ran 5km every day for a month, all to raise money for The Treehouse. To read more about our plans for fundraising, please click here.