Charitable Work

Gresham’s was set up as a charity and as such takes its responsibilities seriously ensuring that it has a community focus to many of the events and activities that take place at the school.

Since the academic year 2019/2020, charitable events have been coordinated by the Senior School Charity Committee, which has in turn been supported by the Charity coordinator, Tom Burnett.  The emphasis has been on supporting small local charities to ensure that the Gresham’s community can see the impact of its fundraising.

In 2019/2020, the school supported The Peoples’ Picnic, a charity based in Norwich which seeks to support the homeless and other vulnerable members of the Norwich community.  £6,000 was raised by the school which contributed to the purchase of a new van which is to be used for the distribution of meals, clothing, bedding and other essential items.

In 2020/2021, the school supported The Treehouse Café, a charity based in Holt which was opened last year by Lorna and Rachel and has a community fridge, zero waste café and outdoor area with a vegetable garden.  It also runs workshops such as children’s yoga and music groups. This community centre is vital to the area as it provides a friendly and welcoming environment that aims to support people affected by poverty and deprivation in Holt. This effort particularly helps anyone who needs it from new mums, to vulnerable elderly people and children with speech difficulties.  Gresham’s has successfully raised in excess of £15,000 this year which will go towards building a low-level treehouse with disabled access and a sensory garden.

The following is a list of some of the charitable events that we have run in the last twenty four months:

  1. A wood fired pizza night for the Senior School boarders.
  2. Serving hot food to the homeless community in Norwich city centre.
  3. House music.
  4. The Christmas singles.
  5. The Christmas Tree Festival.
  6. The January Daily Dash.
  7. The Gresham’s virtual half marathon.
  8. The mad May collaborative triathlon and half iron man event.
  9. The Gritty Grasshopper 2021.
  • The Prep School 5 a-side football tournament.

The school charity changes each year and donations can be made via the following JustGiving link: