The hockey club aims to create an environment that makes pupils both better hockey players and better versions of themselves; preparing them for life beyond School by inspiring improved confidence and hockey capability in all. 


Gresham’s Winning Way

The club believes that by developing the pupils and staff within the programme in line with our core values,teams and individuals will flourish both on and off the pitch.  Our values are;

Compassion Understanding of others sadness, suffering or loss and the kindness to help.
Competitiveness A love for the fight; fearless innovation, a drive to improve.
Confidence Unwavering belief in ourselves; knowing we will act with integrity to achieve positive outcomes.
Completeness An enthusiasm to prepare technically, tactically, physically & mentally so we are at our best when our best is required.
Connection The forming meaningful relationships with all that have purpose, build safety & share vulnerability.

Our Programme

Hockey sessions happen all year round but it is the Michaelmas term major game for girls and Lent term major game for the boys.  In each term, pupils are able to access full fixture lists that include games against schools across East Anglia.

We believe in developing the whole person, so pupils are able to access individual, small group and team sessions in games lessons, extra-curricular clubs and in free periods to develop their technical, tactical, physical and psychological skill sets.

We have pupils from all age ranges representing the school on the England Hockey Pathway as well as playing at some of the biggest club and university sides in Europe; a testament to the programme we are offering.

We are fortunate to have two floodlit Astroturf pitches, which allow training and matches to continue all year round.  We regularly host both County, Regional, International Tournaments and Festivals including the hugely successful Gresham’s Prep Schools’ Festival held every March.

To find out more, please contact Mr Joe Cowan (Director of Hockey) or Mr Charlie Mack (Head of Hockey)