Gresham’s Futures

The Careers Department at the Senior School, known as ‘Gresham’s Futures’, supports pupils as they prepare and plan for their future lives after leaving Gresham’s.

The vast majority of our pupils still continue on to Higher Education, however, increasingly pupils are considering other options due to a range of reasons, mainly the financial outlay of attending University.  Therefore Gresham’s Futures assists individual pupils in exploring the alternative options after leaving the School.

Gresham’s Futures department focuses on:

  • Offering personal guidance and support to individuals and their parents, to help pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of learning, work and career. A qualified careers advisor is available during term time.
  • Delivering Careers Education as part of the PSHE curriculum to help pupils develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures, and to manage the transitions from one stage of their education, training or work to the next.  Evidence suggests that Careers Education and Guidance raises aspirations, increases motivation and raises achievement.
  • Providing a comprehensive and varied selection of visiting professionals from our OG Foundation and local employer network, to deliver informal talks, workshops and activities to widen pupils’ aspirations and knowledge of different career pathways.
  • Scheduling and organising Careers Events in school for all year groups and accessing external Careers Education opportunities.  Liaison with outreach providers, such as the Armed Forces, University of East Anglia etc. to provide careers workshops, activities and events.
  • Providing an up-to-date Careers Library with resources to carry out individual career research, and access to online subscriptions of careers programmes enabling further support and guidance with effective decision-making e.g. Higher Ideas, U-Explore.

In this ever-changing society where employment is changeable, increasingly fluid and career transitions have become more frequent, Gresham’s Futures provides opportunities to equip your son/daughter with the skills and qualities to compete in this challenging employment market.

Gresham’s pupils receive provision of career-related learning from Year 7 through to Year 13 in order to inform and educate them every step of the way, through their senior years at the school.  This provision is grouped under the headings: Careers Education; Individual Guidance; Tutoring and Mentoring; Work-related learning and Careers Information.

Years 7 & 8

Pupils are supported via the academic tutor system in reviewing their future aspirations and their transition to the Senior School.  A variety of enterprise activities are held each year for pupils to identify and develop their teamwork and leadership skills.  Careers Education is delivered through the PSHE curriculum each term.

Years 9, 10 & 11

Throughout Years 9, 10 and 11, pupils receive Careers Education sessions through the PSHE Carousel curriculum, where they focus on self-awareness, identification of individual skills and the exploration of future pathways, incorporating the ‘U-Explore’ online resource.  Pupils partake in Annual Aspiration Reviews, identifying progress, and discussion takes place regarding potential plans for their future.  Various enterprise and careers-related activities are provided for these year groups within school e.g. Armed Forces Liaison Day and Career and Course Bites.

Sixth Form

Pupils entering the Sixth Form receive continual, consistent and experienced support and guidance on the UCAS process through their academic tutors and the Head of Sixth Form.  A wide range of prospectuses are available in the main School Library.  Course Bites provide an opportunity for pupils to hear from visiting lecturers about studying specific subjects at university. Pupils partake in Annual Aspiration Reviews, identifying progress, and discussion takes place regarding potential plans for their future.  Lower Sixth pupils are invited to Career Bites, where visiting professionals share their career experience informally within a small group and they attend the Higher Education Fair at the University of East Anglia.  Gresham’s Futures Business Breakfasts are targeted to Lower and Upper Sixth Form pupils in order to provide an opportunity for the pupils to practise and develop their presentation and networking skills with ‘real’ business people from the school’s locality. In the Summer Term, the Lower Sixth pupils, and their parents, attend the Lower Sixth Futures Conference which is based at the School, where seminars are provided to offer information about a range of future pathways e.g. school leaver schemes, higher level apprenticeships, Gap years and university applications. Both Lower and Upper Sixth Form pupils have an open opportunity, and are encouraged, to receive guidance from the Gresham’s Futures department.