Academic Enrichment

Year 9

All Year 9 students at Gresham’s get the opportunity to experience an enrichment programme on Friday afternoons.

In the first part of the afternoon, pupils rotate around a six-week cyclical programme exploring a diverse range of activities – IT skills, American football, art and drama.

In the second part of the afternoon, each student chooses an area of specialism that they want to spend the whole year enriching. The opportunities include academic, art, drama, music and sport enrichment. The aim of these sessions is to really stretch and inspire students in their chosen area of specialism. In academic enrichment for example pupils learn the skills of debating, explore topical issues, consider sensory perception and learn Esperanto.

Year 9 enrichment aims to encourage students to explore beyond the standard curriculum and to acquire important specialist skills.

Year 10

At Gresham’s we feel strongly that pupils should not merely be educated to fulfil curricula, but that they should also be given access to the sort of knowledge that will enable them to enter debates and offer opinion about the world in which they live. For this reason, on Friday afternoons, all Year 10 students participate in an Academic Enrichment programme. The students are divided into small groups and experience a carousel of activities offered by members of staff. This year sessions will include:

  • The legal system in the UK
  • The political system in the UK
  • The origin and meaning of democracy
  • Key aspects of current affairs
  • Globalisation: Opportunities and challenges
  • Your Food: where does it come from?
  • Financial literacy
  • Art History 1: Symbols and myths
  • Art History 2: Modernism
  • The origins of our current theory of the cosmos
  • North Norfolk: History and Geography

Year 11

Year 11 pupils participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme on Friday afternoons.