Senior School Curriculum

Academic life at Gresham’s aims to be stimulating, exciting and fulfilling. We expect every student to give their absolute best and maintain the highest standards in approaching their academic work.

In return, teaching staff aspire to bring out the very best in every student and take great pride in helping students to progress, develop and strive for ambitious goals. We pride ourselves on offering the best advice, information and guidance to help students to make informed academic choices and to follow rewarding programmes that open up inspiring future opportunities. Qualities of resilience, stamina and flexibility are some of the most precious attributes possessed by Gresham’s students.

At every level, we offer a curriculum which we believe is versatile and enriching and provides an excellent skills set to equip young learners in a future of unpredictable and dynamic change. In Year 9, students study the complete curriculum, including exposure to the full set of sciences, humanities, creative subjects and up to three languages. In Years 10 and 11, students study up to ten IGCSE and GCSE subjects which enables them to keep open a wide diversity of career opportunities. In the Sixth Form, students can choose to study either our highly successful IB Diploma Programme, a portfolio of three A level subjects, or to replace one or two A levels with BTEC diplomas. All the routes provide a rigorous academic background opening up for students a wide range of university options and career pathways.

Academic life at Gresham’s extends far beyond the classroom and we value academic enrichment highly. In Year 9, students can nominate an enrichment area to explore. In Year 10, all students attend a weekly enrichment carousel. In Year 11, study skills and revision techniques are supported at a crucial and potentially stressful time. The Lower Sixth experience a weekly academic enrichment lecture series whilst the Upper Sixth are encouraged to advance their learning techniques to undergraduate level. All Sixth Formers are encouraged to write an Extended Essay and are taught Theory of Knowledge. Throughout the school, academic societies blossom and many are student led.

There is no such thing as a typical Greshamian and one of the joys of the community is observing the growth of academic progress, intellectual confidence and aspiration amongst our students. Gresham’s is a stimulating academic environment and we look forward to seeing where your academic journey will take you.

Tim Hipperson
Deputy Head Academic

“The school enables the students to explore their own interests.”

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