The Classics Department is part of the Languages Faculty, situated in the Library Block. Latin is a thriving subject with a strong take-up at GCSE, with smaller groups specialising in the subject at A Level and IB Diploma.

Universities and employers highly value this subject due to the way it develops analytical abilities, attention to detail and flexibility of approach. These skills are acquired through study of some of the greatest works of European literature and some of the most fascinating periods of history.

A former executive of BP once replied, when asked why the company recruited so many Classics students: “We find they sell more oil.”


Years 9 -11

In Year 9, there are currently two mixed ability classes, each having two Latin lessons per week. The programme is an introduction to the grammar and other skills required for a Latin GCSE, and it is designed to allow the pupils to begin reading genuine ancient Latin texts as soon as possible.

We follow the OCR GCSE course, which incorporates study of a range of ancient authors, plus modules on Roman society and culture.

Sixth Form

Students are able to study either for the OCR A-Level, or for an International Baccalaureate qualification. These courses look at significant portions of ancient literary works, with full attention to their historical and cultural backgrounds. A-Level Latin is tested purely through examinations, whereas the IB course incorporates a significant coursework component, allowing students to pick an area of the ancient world in which they are interested – usually because it relates to topics they are studying in other parts of the IB.