Art and Design

Gresham’s Art department is committed to providing a truly contemporary art education built on the development of strong technical and conceptual skill.

We strive to give our pupils the widest range of experiences throughout their schooling and consistently push the boundaries of their understanding. They are encouraged to develop skills in handling a wide variety of unfamiliar materials and to approach the use of familiar materials in new and innovative ways. This is done in an inquisitive atmosphere where risk taking is seen as part of the creative process. Not only do our pupils develop control and understanding of materials but their work should also remain fresh and relevant. They should feel that they are discovering something new rather than always travelling down a pre-determined path. They are encouraged to produce work that is of its time and that is underpinned by a commitment to contemporary practice.

We are in no doubt that every pupil studying art at Gresham’s will leave with a broad range of outstanding technical skills but also the ability to articulate themselves in a world increasingly reliant on visual communication.

Student Art

Please follow the links below to view some art produced by some of our pupils:

Student Art

Summer Art Exhibition


Nothing to see here projects

As a visual form of communication we are committed to bringing our pupils work to the widest audience possible and our exhibition program also includes the ‘nothing to see here’ pop-up space. This is an ongoing serious of temporary events with a mission to dispel the myth that Art produced at school level is less sophisticated or conceptually mature than that made by any other generation.

Pupils learn at an early stage in their development that presentation is vital in communicating a visual message and if they wish to be successful in the future they need to learn that the way they present their work should reflect the ambition in the work itself.

Nothing to see here at the Saatchi Gallery

Jake Colman (T 2008 – 2013) and Claudia Erixon (E 2001 – 2013) were recently given space to showcase their work within the Saatchi gallery on the Kings Road, London. The aim of the show was to promote and celebrate excellence at A-level. This has not only been a fantastic opportunity for the two pupils involved but it has also supported the view that Gresham’s Art department continues to produce highly innovative and brave young artists willing to push the subject far beyond the levels expected from this age group.

The department blog,, is not only used as a platform to showcase our own pupils work but also a key online resource in keeping our pupils informed about new and exciting work which might inspire their own practice.



  • Etching
  • Lithography
  • Screen-printing


  • Welding
  • Vinomould casting
  • Alginate casting
  • Ceramics


  • Darkroom processes
  • Cyanotype
  • Digital
  • Video/animation