Physical Education

The PE department was formed in 2007 and was admitted into the curriculum as an A/S subject. In 2010, it was decided that PE GCSE should be introduced.

The department development plan includes reinstating the A/S and A2 2013 for the natural progression of the GCSE students.

At the moment the OCR Exam Board has been our choice and their new specification and course details can be found through this link.


Unit Content Year Practical/Exam
B451 Key concepts & processes in PE Opportunities and pathways 4th Form Exam at the end of 5th Form
B452 2 assessed performances AL= Analysis of Lifestyle 4th Form Practical & Controlled Assessment
B453 Develop skill, techniques & motivation. Develop physical & mental capacity. Decision making & safe training 5th Form Exam at the end of 5th Form
B454 2 assessed performances Ap = Analysis of Performance 5th Form Practical & Controlled Assessment