Physics is one of the oldest and most fundamental of all sciences. It encompasses our understanding from the basic constituents of matter to the structure of the universe in which we live.

It is very unlikely that any student will not have an interest in some form of physics. From this standpoint, the aim of the Physics department is to maintain and nurture this interest within the scope of the relevant syllabus. Physics and its applications are all around us and knowledge of the subject is of use in many everyday situations.



Physics is taken as a separate science by approximately half of each cohort and is taken as a two year IGCSE course (Edexcel examination board). The other half of the cohort take double award science IGCSE (AQA examination board). Both examination courses have a terminal examination that consists of two written papers and no coursework or internal assessment. The lessons cover both the theory and the practical laboratory experiments that enable a student to continue the study of physics into the sixth form.


This is also the WJEC Physics course and is assessed by three examinations, one of which is practical examination of 1hour 30minutes. The others are written papers taken at the end of the course.


The WJEC A2 course follows on from the AS and is also assessed with three examinations, one of which is taken in the January, the practical examination has two parts taken in March and a final written paper taken in June.


Students follow the diploma program at either higher of standard level for two years with a terminal examination consisting of three papers sat on two consecutive days. There is also experimental coursework that contributes 24% towards the total score.

In recent years a number of our students have been successful in their applications to Oxford or Cambridge University to read Engineering or Physics.