House system

Gresham’s Senior School is made up of seven Boarding Houses which are run by a resident Housemaster or Housemistress.  Each house has a team of house staff and visiting tutors to assist with the safe running of each house.

Day pupils play a full role in the House system and gain from the sense of community that comes with belonging to a House. For staff, the opportunity to observe pupils at work and at play, in social as well as classroom situations, helps to provide a full and rounded picture of every child.

Day pupils share studies with boarders and take on house duties alongside their boarding friends. Prep is undertaken in House, with resident and visiting house tutors available to help.  The House system allows house competitions to thrive engendering a healthy competitive spirit.  The annual House Music and House Entertains provides each House with an opportunity to work together to entertain family, friends and staff.


There are many other more conventional opportunities for children to take responsibility through such roles as School and House Prefects, Team Captains, Prefects, Digital Leaders, Mental Health Champions and Mentors.

Pupils, who become House Prefects, become leaders in the House community and act as positive role models for younger pupils.

Nominations for Head of School and Deputy Head are organised annually.  This provides those pupils with opportunities to represent the School in both formal and social events as well as addressing School assemblies on a regular basis.

In addition, pupils in the Lower Sixth can be selected to offer mentoring to younger pupils in Year 9 – 11 providing academic or pastoral support.