Weekend Activities

Boredom is never an option at Gresham’s!

We do our utmost to ensure that boarders have both the freedom to relax with friends and the opportunity to join organised weekend trips and activities.

Karaoke nights, fancy dress parties or big screen films are common events at Gresham’s on a Saturday evening, while our Annual Karting Grand Prix and termly Paintball Skirmishes are hotly anticipated by boarders and day students alike.

We also encourage our boarders to participate in organised days out on weekends, pursuing excitement, adventure, culture and most importantly, fun, in a friendly and safe environment. Some of our recent expeditions have included trips to Alton Towers, Pleasurewood Hills and a visit to the Norwich Theatre Royal, plus regular trips to the cinema, local restaurants and shopping centres.

Whether you want to relax with a DVD and some popcorn or embark on an outdoor adventure, we will always have something to do at the weekends.

In addition to organised weekend activities a timetable of hobbies and clubs are also available throughout the week.