Building self-assurance and encouraging personal growth are priorities at Gresham’s, and our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Contingent is just one way we seek to challenge our students in these areas.

Our CCF focuses on cultivating resourcefulness, responsibility, perseverance and other lifelong attributes while shaping confident and enthusiastic leaders who are not afraid to tackle life’s challenges.

With a strong emphasis on outdoor pursuits, our contingent offers plenty of opportunity for adventure and excitement; pupils relish the many opportunities to test their abilities while facing new and invigorating environments. Cadets can pursue activities such as climbing, shooting, parachuting, gliding and kayaking.

The CCF provides pupils with lots of opportunities to develop self-reliance, leadership, teamwork and discipline. They can join Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force sections which provide experiences as diverse as learning to fly, in addition to having the opportunity to fly in RAF aircraft alongside experienced RAF pilots, sailing, shooting, sports, music, survival skills, rock climbing, engineering projects, kayaking, first aid, navigation and challenges both intellectual and physical. There is also a wide range of camps and courses available for all those who are members of the CCF. It gives an insight into military life for those who are interested in a service career and several pupils each year go on to join the armed forces in some capacity.

A range of courses which are virtually free of charge offer exciting opportunities in areas such as powerboating, windsurfing, musicianship, diving, leadership and a host of other skills. Lifesaving, First Aid and motor mechanics are also extremely popular. Cadets who attend Camp are eligible to undertake the BTEC 1st Diploma in Public Services, an internationally recognised vocational qualification which is worth four top GCSEs and is valued by universities. At the conclusion of their training cadets are awarded a RN, Army or RAF Proficiency Certificate.

Our CCF contingent helps students to realise and work towards their full potential in an atmosphere which embraces friendship and fun.