A levels

The Sixth Form represents an important step in a pupil’s learning in preparation for university or further career training.

Sixth Form Choices Guide

A level pupils specialise in a moderate number of subjects, undertaking a detailed and thorough approach to learning. A level study allows pupils to pursue a deeper understanding in their favourite subjects from GCSE, while developing important independent study skills which will prove invaluable to their future.

Most pupils study three subjects at A level. Pupils wishing to take on a challenge might undertake four A level subjects.

We offer a wide selection of subject options at A level, please refer to the Sixth Form Choices link below.

In addition to the core study programme, A level pupils undertake an Academic Enrichment Programme consisting of evening lectures, cultural events and two of the IB programme’s ‘core’ elements: the Theory of Knowledge course and the Extended Essay (EE), ensuring a well-rounded education.