Veronica Caraman

I came to Gresham’s from the Republic of Moldova in 2010, after having been incredibly lucky to be selected to receive a scholarship and be awarded the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference by Gresham’s that year. Therefore, I did not choose the school, Gresham’s chose me and I am thankful that it did.

My time at Gresham’s provided me with a number of experiences that have helped to shape the person I am today. I came in touch with people who supported and cared for me in so many different ways, such as my housemistress and matron; people who encouraged me, such as Mr Kinder, the former Head of History, and the assistance I received with my UCAS application.

Being an overseas pupil, I was a full-time boarder, which meant I had the time and opportunity to settle in and make new friends in my boarding house, Britten House. The House Music Competitions were unique opportunities to meet new friends and become part of a big family who worked and sang together in order to win the coveted cup.

I owe so much to Gresham’s School and its staff members. The choice of university was influenced by the Head of Sixth Form at the time and my subject choice of Economics was due to the Head of Economics who nurtured a special love for the subject in me.

Why I choose the IB Diploma?
I chose the IB Diploma because it provided a broad choice of subjects which included Languages, Maths and Social Science, so it seemed a perfect fit for me. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the IB Diploma would develop a number of skills which would later prepare me for life at University. The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and its assignments prepared me for critical thinking and I believe that overall, the IB Diploma gave me an advantage in today’s difficult labour market and helped me to think on different levels and analyse problems from different perspectives. The course wasn’t easy and, with homework deadlines to meet it was sometimes difficult to juggle but, it was all worth it.

I took French, Economics, Chemistry at Higher Level, and English, Maths and Spanish at Standard Level.

I studied for my B.Sc. Economics at the New College of the Humanities in London where I also was awarded the NCH Diploma for Liberal Arts, for which I took a minor in Politics, courses in Applied Ethics, Science Literacy, Logic and Critical Thinking, and Professional Programme. I could not have been happier with my choice of university, as it was so much more than I ever expected: more challenging, more enriching and more satisfying than I thought Higher Education could ever be.

Future plans
In 2014, I was involved in an internship, doing economic research for six months for a Dutch economic research and consultancy. In June 2015, I moved to Germany for a six-month internship at Deutsche Bank, in their Investment Strategy team. I am now doing my second internship at Deutsche Bank, this time around in a different area of banking, namely Investment Products. Despite being a tough industry I have always had aspirations to work in banking. In addition to my internship, I also currently hold a part-time role as HR Manager at EconoTalent, a Dutch staffing company for economists and econometricians.

Studying for the IB Diploma at Gresham’s and Economics at NCH helped me to wear different hats and juggle different roles at the same time. It taught me to deal with challenges both inside and outside the classroom, to work hard and just go for it, however impossible it may seem at times.