Benedict Weissheimer

Benedict is from Germany and came to Gresham’s for Sixth Form where he opted to study the IB Diploma. He became a prefect in the Sixth Form and worked with a number of charities as part of his CAS studies, namely The Holt Youth Project and at the Ormiston Venture Academy, Great Yarmouth as part of his Creative Action and Service activities which formed part of the IB Diploma Programme.

Why I chose the IB Diploma
The IB Diploma is an international qualification and I am very interested in working overseas. I enjoy learning about other cultures and countries and for me the IB Diploma provided a great foundation which would allow me to go on and apply to universities both here and abroad and seek employment in international organisations. The IB curriculum combines a broad set of subject requirements with the opportunity to study subjects which I am very interested in. Reflecting on my undergraduate experience I realise that the IB Diploma was a great preparation for university, as it teaches the skills and discipline required to succeed in higher education.

Achieved 43 points which was the highest mark achieved by a Gresham’s pupil in 2013.

Studying at Gresham’s
When I came to Gresham’s I received a lot of support from my tutors and teachers. The skills I learned at the School created the foundations for me to help me decide what I wanted to do. It was a great environment which gave me the direction to help me make the right decisions on what I wanted to do next.

As part of my degree, I have had two exchange semesters, one at Cornell University in the US and the second at the National University of Singapore. During my studies, I have specialised in finance and statistics.

I secured a place at the University of Warwick studying International Management. The University of Warwick is one of the world’s elite business schools which prides itself on attracting the very best students through its excellent teaching and the provision of real-world experts and world-class researchers.  As part of the degree I spent two terms abroad, one at Cornell University, USA, and the second at the National University of Singapore. Moreover, I interned within the strategic controlling division of BMW in Munich, Germany. The combination of cultural exchanges and opportunity to apply my financial knowledge in practice added to my professional and personal development during my undergraduate degree. In 2018, I graduated with first class honours and the highest grade average of the class of 2018.

Gap Year plans
From September 2013, I travelled to Argentina with Projects Abroad to Cordoba to work as a teaching assistant in a local school for three months. I then worked in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador as a project volunteer which deals with the conservation of the environment. Following my visit to South America, I completed an internship at an IT start-up in Sydney, Australia. This gap year combined a cultural experience with my first working experience, thus preparing me perfectly for my future studies at Warwick.

Future plans
Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Financial Analysis at London Business School. I chose postgraduate education to further develop my financial expertise and ability to contextualise a firm’s financial environment and inner workings. Upon my graduation in 2019, I hope to start consulting to allow me exposure to a variety of industries and help businesses face future challenges. I believe that the IB has helped me to succeed at university and has taught me important skills that will help me in my future career.