Charlie Jefford

I have enjoyed many opportunities and experiences whilst at Gresham’s with a wide variety of co-curricular activities from music, drama and sport as well as developing additional responsibilities. I was a Prefect at Sixth Form, Head of Farfield boarding house, Head Chorister, Captain of the 2nd XI Rugby Team and Captain of 2nd XI Cricket Team.

In music, I achieved grade 8 in trumpet and piano and received a distinction in my grade 8 singing as well as a distinction in grade 7 organ. As a result I have had lots of opportunities to play and perform for the school at various events and secured roles in a number of drama productions. For example playing Captain Tempest in Return of the Forbidden Planet and performing as part of the orchestra in the production of The Sting.

There were opportunities to volunteer through CAS and take on leadership roles and I was privileged to be able to work with disadvantaged pupils supporting them in the classroom at Great Ormiston Academy which was a humbling experience.

Why I chose the IB
The reason I chose the IB was that I did not know what I wanted to do when I left school. The curriculum provided me with a wide variety of subjects to study which would offer me more choices once I finally decided which direction I wanted to go.

I really like the IB because of the breadth of subjects and the way the different subjects interlink pushing the IB learner to think “outside the box” rather than just learning to pass exams.

Achieved 37 points in 2013 and studied Higher Level French, Spanish and History.

Studying at Gresham’s
Whilst studying at Gresham’s I was provided with an academic tutor who provided support with homework, coursework, university choices and my UCAS application.

In terms of getting experience to support the Action and Creativity aspects of the IB Diploma, the School was very good at creating opportunities. For example, I was able to take on more of a leadership role in the Jazz band I played in through support and guidance of one of my music teachers, Chris Cooper.

I have received confirmed offers from Warwick and Exeter universities but I deferred entry until 2014 when I plan to take a gap year. As the IB Diploma is an international qualification, I am also considering American universities as a possible third option. The reason I am drawn to American universities is due to their broad courses and breadth of subjects on offer.

Gap Year plans
I plan to break my gap year up into terms. The first term I will work at Beeston Prep School in Norfolk providing teaching support in music, languages and as a hockey coach. The second term I plan to work in a vineyard in Argentina where I hope to develop my Spanish and learn more about their culture and my final term will be spent in either Latin America or I will return to France to practise my French.