If children are happy and feel supported they will thrive, and we place great emphasis on supporting each pupil at the School to ensure they settle quickly and take advantage of all the opportunities on offer.

Every pupil is assigned a tutor when they enter the School.  This allows each pupil to get to know a variety of staff whom they can trust and talk to should they have any concerns.

Tutors meet with their tutees once a week where they can discuss any issues, concerns or seek advice.

At Sixth Form, tutors play a significant role in a pupil’s life. They have an overview of Sixth Formers’ academic and co-curricular work at the School. They monitor academic progress as well as teach a coherent programme of study skills and well-being in the weekly tutorial period. They guide their tutees through the UCAS application process and are a constant source of support and guidance. Mindful of the importance of the role, we allow our Sixth Form to choose their own tutor; often the selection will depend on the interests of the pupil and the specialisms of the tutor which provide an additional layer of support.

A Well-Being Programme is also run at the school. We are proud of this developing programme and consider that the well-being and healthcare provision we offer to all pupils is outstanding. This is achieved in part by having well-trained professionals to deal with all aspects of our pupils’ mental, physical and emotional health.