Sporting Leaders programme comes to a close

The conclusion of the ‘Learning to Lead’ Programme from the Mintridge Foundation took place on Wednesday 5th May, an initiative which has been set up by Alex Wallace (nee Paske) (OG) from the Mintridge Foundation. The programme was delivered by Bob Reeves, former Director of Sport at Bristol University and past England Rugby (RFU) President, alongside Eboni Usoro-Brown, England Netball and Mintridge sporting ambassador and both were determined to ensure that our Talented Athlete Programme pupils left the course with the necessary tools and confidence to become better leaders in all that they do.

Mr Adams, our Director of Sport, commented “I think the pupils will have got a lot out of it, particularly on the reflection angle and hopefully they will now go away and reflect upon their sporting, academic and social experiences. It was a great opportunity for them to have an hour dedicated to them thinking and analysing their leadership qualities and emotional intelligence when they are so busy and very few get to do this in their week! I know it was really valued and definitely worth the experience.”

It was great for the pupils to be able to take part in the programme and for them to have further their goals of being young sports leaders. We are grateful to the Mintridge Foundation for providing them with the opportunity.