Sports leaders learn from double Paralympic Champion

Five pupils across year groups and sports have joined The Foundation for Leadership in Sport programme through Sport Director, Bob Reeves and double Paralympic Champion, Danielle Brown MBE to explore in great depth what the purpose of leadership is in their respective bubbles.

Having Danielle’s insight from her archery career, that began at the age of 15, instantly gave students the relatability that was needed to place the theories in a practical sense. Danielle openly shared the techniques that she put in place to improve her self confidence that took her to World Number One.

Self awareness is key to leadership and participants were keen to make the session as interactive as possible with the online constraints that the Covid – 19 Pandemic brings. Therefore, in pairs, the Peer Mentor Group scored themselves and their partners on various aspects of leadership. From self confidence through to commitment to high level performance, scores ranged between 1-5 and the group openly shared with each other about what they can do to help improve the lower scores.

Max, Jemima, Georgia, Callum and Kate will present the Leadership topic and exercise to their year group cohorts in January and we will look forward to another group presentation in February. Our thanks go to Alex Wallace (nee Paske OG) and her company, the Mintridge Foundation, for allowing us this opportunity to be the pilot programme for Schools.