Supporting the School

There are many ways the Foundation supports the School. Here are just a few examples of recent projects and awards.

The Gresham’s Foundation welcomes the support of OGs, parents, grandparents and staff. Whatever your reason for giving, whether it is an acknowledgement of gratitude for your own time spent at the School, or because your child or grandchild is experiencing an enjoyable and stimulating education at Gresham’s, you can be assured that your donation will be spent wisely.

You may choose to donate to any area of the School’s work, though it is helpful to the Headmaster and Trustees if support is targeted towards Gresham’s priorities in the coming years.

We are enormously grateful for the support we receive from all our donors who have pledged to give on a regular basis. It does not matter how small or large the gift, it is the regularity over a period of time that is so important as it enables us to forecast our income and plan accordingly. For example, if 50 individuals give £20 a month over five years it raises £60,000 for the School. Further, if 50 individuals give £50 a month over five years the total value to Gresham’s is £150,000. And gift aid further enhances the donation’s value to the School.

For a child on a 100% bursary at the Senior School:

  • £250 Would pay for a theatre or art trip
  • £450 Would pay for a Duke of Edinburgh expedition
  • £500 Would pay for a language exchange tour
  • £750 Would pay for a choir tour
  • £860 Would pay for a year of music lessons on one instrument
  • £1,000 Would provide matched funds so they could play with their sports team on tour
  • £7,250 (d) / £9,500 (b) Would cover a full term’s school fees
  • £21,750 (d) / ££28,350 (b) Would pay for their fees for an entire year
  • £43,450 (d) / £56,650 (b) Would cover tuition costs for their Sixth Form education
  • £140,150 (d) / £143, 650 (b) Would pay for their entire education at the Senior School

(d) denotes day pupil, (b) denotes boarder

The amounts are indicative only and you are by no means restricted by the amounts listed above.

If you have any questions as to how you can support Gresham’s, or how your donation might be spent, please contact the Director of Development, Karen Bromham ( 01263 714632 or click here to find out how to make a donation or to donate regularly by direct debit.

All Steinway

The Foundation is supporting the All Steinway School project at Gresham’s. The School has leased 21 pianos from the world’s leading piano maker over a 10 year contract and the Foundation has agreed to pay for the first year’s lease, totalling £37,000.

The arrival of the pianos was celebrated on 27th November in a ceremony which included a blessing by Father Bryan and an inaugural concert by Mark Jones, Lawrence Tao and many Gresham’s pupils who played the array of new Steinways. The Foundation is especially delighted to be supporting the exceptional music departments at the Senior and Prep Schools.

In February, to celebrate the handing over of the Steinway plaques to the Heads of all three Schools there was a concert in the Auden with astonishing performances from pupils of all ages. The sound emanating from the Steinway concert grand was very special and must be truly inspiring for teachers and their pupils.


The Foundation started its small grants programme in 2012. The grants are awarded twice a year and support new projects in the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools, which would not normally be funded out of the departmental budget. The maximum award for any individual application is £2,500.

Since the first round of grants was made in December 2012, a total of 19 grants have been awarded to a wide variety of projects across the three Schools. These new pieces of equipment are making a real difference to the School, to the way subjects are taught and the pupils’ enjoyment. Please see the table below for a list of projects funded by the Foundation or click on the gallery for photos.

Music Compositions


School Project Date of Grant
Sport/Swimming Starting blocks Summer 2014
Music Timpani refurbishment Summer 2014
Drama/Auden Theatre Projector Summer 2014
Sailing Topper Trailer Summer 2014
Performing Arts LED Bar Light Effect Summer 2014
Pre-Prep Sensory space Michaelmas 2014
Senior Grasshopper radio Michaelmas 2014
Senior Dive club kit Michaelmas 2014
Senior Courtyard garden, Auden Summer 2015
Senior Bird spotting equipment Summer 2015
Senior Mobile cricket covers Summer 2015
Senior Finger puppets Summer 2015
Senior Ball machine Michaelmas 2015
Senior New electric keyboard Michaelmas 2015
Senior Printer Michaelmas 2015


We are very pleased to have helped in the creation of two new awards for the School – Gresham’s Foundation All Rounder award and the Britten Centenary Piano award.

The All Rounder award is for children coming to Senior School with a range of talents. The Britten Centenary Piano award is being backed by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous and is for talented pianists who especially enjoy performing. This award could not come at a better time with the arrival of the Steinway pianos and the Britten 100 celebrations.