Music Compositions

The Apple Mac Studio Computer was funded by the Foundation small grants committee. Justin Myers, who teaches music technology and composition in the Senior School, outlines some of the work already done by pupils using the new computer.

The following tracks show how the pupils are using the computer for course work and to help other departments within the School.

Track 1. A Music Technology A2 module composition by Fran Ward

The brief was to write a piece of cinematic music based on and incorporating elements of a speech by Chief Seattle. Fran, and Max Hunter on Track 5, managed to persuade actor John Hurt to do the voiceover, which she recorded herself.

Track 2. GCSE music composition by Jimmy Jefford

A pop/jazz/funky piece inspired by Austin Powers.

Track 3. Music Technology AS multi-track recording module by Layla Myers

This task was about achieving a good quality recording. The song is the classic “How Long” by Paul Carrack and features an excellent vocal performance by fellow pupil Myra Mwangombe.

Track 4. Jingle by Fran Ward

The jingle is in the style of a 1950s Andrews Sisters song and was composed and recorded for “Starseeker”, a third form play. This is a great example of how the departments are able to interact.

Track 5. Max Hunter’s interpretation of the Chief Seattlespeech

Like Fran Ward’s version (see track 1), Max used John Hurt to do the voiceover on the track. It differs from Fran’s work, being more intense and moving.

Track 6. A2 multi track recording by Fran Ward

An excellent recording of “Do it Again” by Steely Dan, with a great vocal performance by Fran.

Track 7. AS composition by Phillippe Cato

The brief was to write a song based on a newspaper headline. Phillippe chose “All in One Jump”, an article about Felix Baumgartner and his jump from the edge of space. This is a wonderful piece and features, amongst other elements, Charlie Jefford singing the thoughts of Baumgartner, with his voice treated to sound like a radio transmission.