Ten Minute Play Competition 2022

The Ten Minute Play Competition took place on Friday 29th April.

This year was another incredible competition with nine plays submitted including a ten-minute musical.

Five plays made it to the stage thanks to the sheer grit and determination of the companies who invested a huge amount of creativity and time in rehearsal to realise the playwrights words.

This was an evening that had everything – 6 world premieres – if we include an excellent mockumentary trailer for Little Shop of Horrors thanks to Larkin Armstrong, magic, comedy, heist, a Pineapple god and a hard hitting domestic drama.

Truly an evening to remember.

The House Cup for Best Play went to Spike C and  “?” for Woodlands, judged by local Playwright James McDermott purely for the written text.

The Best Director going this year to Tobias N of Howson’s with his play The Mischievous Gildary Grape awarded by our very own Mrs Futter.