The Auden Society discussed poets and the English language

On the 10th of November, the Auden Society had its second meeting of the year. A fantastic group of ten pupils from across the school (plus some staff) were in attendance, excited to share their research and ideas. It was an enjoyable and interesting evening that saw real variety in terms of the talks being given.

The first speaker, Florence, focused on the life of John Donne, a poet being studied as part of the A level course. Pupils from lower down in the school received a great introduction to some intriguing details about his life and will, no doubt, be able to draw on Florence’s talk in their future studies.

The second instalment came from Elyzia W, who spoke about censorship in literature – a very real and current area of interest for those carrying out research in the humanities. She discussed a varied survey of books banned in different regions from around the world and linked her thoughts on these books back to the importance of the freedom of the press and free speech.

Next, Leila Y, Auden Society president, gave a talk about the origins of the English language and its future, with a discussion on some of the more interesting and outlandish new words being added to dictionaries of late.

Our last speaker was Mrs. Sharrock (Head of English), who gave an insight into the life of an Old Greshamian: John Bradburne. She discussed his work in Zimbabwe and the great wealth of poetry he left behind.

The next meeting of the Auden Society will have a Christmas theme and promises to be another brilliant opportunity for discussion and debate.