The Cairns Centre is being given a new lease of life by the Renovation Squad

With the demolition of Dave’s Diner and ‘The Bop’ to make way for the Britain building and the Dyson Building, the school was briefly without a social centre for the pupils. Step forward ‘The Renovation Squad’. This is an elite team of ‘DIYers’ aided by Mr Coventry, Mr Curtis and Mr Humphries who have begun transforming the north end of the Cairns centre into a multi-use space for pupils of all ages. It has already hosted the Rugby Dinner, two film nights and will very shortly take receipt of the tuck shop.

The ‘renovators’ will continue on Friday afternoons as part of the services provision to redecorate and repurpose various items from around the school to develop this pupil led area throughout the year. Open mic nights, inter house darts, dance groups, art exhibitions and monologue evenings beckon after half term, watch this space!