The CCF has enjoyed a varied and exciting programme so far this term

The CCF has enjoyed an amazingly varied and exciting programme this term so far. In the space of just five weeks cadets have been involved in expedition training, preparation for DofE Bronze events, weapons training, first aid, fieldcraft, pool kayaking, archery and command, leadership & teamwork tasks.
The Royal Navy Section has also started training with the iconic ‘field gun’, and the contingent looks forward to this becoming integral to the training programme as it exemplifies teamwork, dedication and commitment.
Looking ahead, there will opportunities to shoot all of the cadet weapon systems plus shotguns in the second half of term, and the programme of summer camps and courses is looking healthy after a disrupted few years. There will also be a full contingent parade and formal review when we return in April, followed by action-packed field days in June. In addition, Year 9 have now been briefed on their options and will join as recruits for their tri-service programme in the summer term.