The Music Department enjoyed a visit from Libby Burgess

On Saturday 13th November, pianist Libby Burgess spent the day in the Music Department. She has dedicated a year to her Project 48 which involves playing Bach’s ‘epic 48’, all 48 Preludes and Fugues which make up the Well-Tempered Clavier, in the 48 counties of England to raise money for musicians’ charities. In an insightful academic enrichment, she spoke to pupils and staff about her project, the music of Bach and the work she was performing that evening, playing extracts from Book 2. Pupils from the Prep and Senior School were given the opportunity to benefit from her expertise in a master class and the concert of Book 2 of the work in the evening was the perfect way to conclude a busy day. Libby is a wonderful performer and communicator and for the audience in Fishmonger’s Recital Hall, she provided a moment in which to switch off and loose themselves in the music of this extraordinary composer, whose music is as relevant today as it was ahead of its time when written. More details on Project 48 can be found at