The Poetry Competition created a buzz in English classrooms

There has been a real buzz created this half-term in English classrooms across the school and it has spread to boarding house studies and sitting rooms alike – the careful crafting of poetry and the sound of this fantastic art form being recited has been found everywhere, as pupils did their best to win a place in the grand finale of this year’s poetry competition.

From the third form to the sixth form, pupils were tasked with learning a poem, with the added challenge of writing it themselves too if they wished. There were some truly fantastic pieces of writing submitted and some excellent interpretations of poetry oft quoted, as well as some more unusual choices too.

Pupils had to navigate several rounds before being selected for the final that took place on the last Saturday of term in chapel: the energy in the room was palpable and the competition fierce. Every pupil that took part delivered a piece of poetry with near perfect accuracy and the effort put into the performances was commendable. A hard decision awaited the judges.

The winners were Zinnia-Claire B (third form), Aaron S (fourth form), and Xenia P (sixth form). Congratulations to them and all who took part.