Year 10 pupils travelled to King’s Lynn to take part in the Maths Feast

Eight Year 10 pupils travelled all the way to Springwood School, in King’s Lynn, to take part in The AMSP Maths Feast. For cutlery and crockery read pencil and paper; the use of mobile phones and calculators was banned by the maitre d’. The table d’hôte menu offered starter questions on platonic solids and the shortest distances on 3D-shapes. For mains, the number course: prime, Fibonacci, triangle, square as well as cubic and a delicious cross-number for pudding. The amuse bouche was inspired by a classic Old Rotary telephone dial. All this wonderful mathematics was washed down with lashings of vintage algebra, 2022.

It is a gentle competition, in that an overall winner was not declared, but in two of the four rounds Gresham’s came top and we were able to raise a base to an index to celebrate.