Year 12 explored the Norfolk coast during Biology field days

Year 12 pupils studying IB Biology, A level Biology and IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) spent two days carrying out practical fieldwork around the North Norfolk coastline. On the first day, they went to Warham camp, where pupils carried out random sampling of the plant life there to compare the biodiversity between two areas with differences in grazing, soil types and application of fertiliser. Following this, the pupils moved on to Burnham Ovary-Staithe where, after a long walk down to the beach, they were able to carry out a transect of the dunes to observe how species change as a consequence of succession. We were also able to look at the saltmarsh and identify the variety of species that can survive in this sort of environment, linking to adaptations these plants have to cope with high salinity. On the second day, the destination was West Runton beach, where rock pools were studied as an ecosystem and a transect of the beach was carried out to see if there were changes in the distribution of seaweed species as you move further away from the shoreline. During both days, all those involved were able to enjoy some of the wonderful wildlife we are blessed with here in North Norfolk, as well as learn practical fieldwork techniques that are an essential part of the course. We were also blessed with wonderful weather, which also helped to make these a more enjoyable two days for all involved.