Year 12 pupil Solveig Paulsen has enjoyed musical success

Year 12 pupil Solveig Paulsen has enjoyed musical success by winning the Grand Prix of the International Festival Contest in Israel, endowed with 1,000 USD. Solveig, along with her piano partner, Julian, practised rigorously in the month leading up to the submission deadline for the competition. The pair won the ‘Ensembles – Piano Duet’ category with their renditions of Witold Lutoslawski (1913 – 1994) and Sergej Rachmaninow (1873 – 1943). Their third piece, Mozart Sonata, which they rehearsed but did not enter in to the competition, was sent to the National German Competition (Bundes Jugend Musiziert) for judgement.

The contest gives an opportunity to a wide range of young musicians to demonstrate their creative abilities in the field of composition, vocal and instrumental creativity as well as promoting popularization of classical, jazz and pop music art and composition. It is open to anyone aged between 6 – 36 years, soloists and ensembles, from all over the world.

Solveig commented, ‘My piano partner and I were thrilled to find out that we won, especially considering we practised for two hours almost every day in the month leading up the to the competition. It is fantastic to be recognised for our hard work and it was so much fun to practise and play together.’

The Music Department at Gresham’s provides high quality musical opportunities for all pupils, regardless of standard, and broadens and develops their experiences in a range of genres and styles, from the traditional to the contemporary.