Year 9 Translation Bee

Year 9 pupils took part in a Translation Bee competition where pupils have one minute on the stage to translate sentences into French, German or Spanish.  Winners of the class competitions went through to the final, which was held in the Fish Mongers Recital Hall. It was super to see such effort and support of fellow class members in the classrooms and, even though the prospect was a daunting one, everyone took part and exceeded expectations.

The final was held in similar good spirit and it was a closely fought match. Some pupils competed in more than one language, Eva O’Donnell in French and Spanish, Lucio Cary in German and French and Rose Taylor in German and Spanish. The winners were Rose Taylor in German, Lucio Cary in French and Mojubafoluwa Akinyeye in Spanish. We hope they enjoy their Bakers and Larners vouchers. Well done to all Year 9 Linguists.