Years 7 and 8 enjoy traditional Christmas Dinner

One of the focal points for Christmas at the Prep School for Years 7 and 8 is always the annual Christmas Dinner. COVID has had an impact on so much this year but we were keen to retain some semblance of normality in these tricky times and offer our senior pupils a Christmas Dinner which followed the protocols introduced this term in the Dining Hall.
Therefore, one evening became a socially distanced two. An early start and an early finish with the cancelling of the traditional post-meal disco led to a resharpening of a focus on being together. The adapted games offered enough entertainment to mimic the usual celebration successfully.  What never changes is the quality of the food; Garry and his catering team found a way to prepare and serve a delicious feast for which we were all so grateful. Each evening was enjoyed by those in attendance and it offered a tiny slice of Christmas joy at the end of a slightly different term.