Yoga classes have been enjoyed by pupils

This term, Year 11 and Sixth Form pupils have enjoyed participating in yoga sessions, led by Ms Hayes. The practice of yoga gives the pupils a chance to let the mind settle, the body find its limits through a series of Asanas and discover one’s own strengths and limits in a peaceful way. The exercise works with them on both physical, emotional and eventually, through the encouragement of meditative exercises, and a spiritual level.

It is a wonderful way of releasing stress and toxins that have built up in the body and mind due to the demanding nature of our busy lives. The pupils currently being taught by Ms Hayes say that, after their yoga and meditation practice, they feel more alive, very stretched, and energised to deal with their tasks and responsibilities.

It is a misconception that Yoga is purely relaxing, especially when viewed against a traditional school sport programme, it is in fact a strenuous and fully engaging activity, and can be a very physical and all-encompassing practice, that many athletes have to include in their training programme to avoid prolonged shortening of their muscles which can lead to long term sports injury.

Through regular and committed practice, pupils may find an increased flexibility in the way they move, a more profound understanding of how to use focused breathing. Some time away from more traditional sports could give them the breathing space they need to go to a deeper level not only on a sports level but also on a creative one. The sessions are open to all Senior pupils and the group look forward to continuing in the new School year. Namaste.