Young Media Leaders develop essential skills

Young Media Leaders is providing pupils with an opportunity to develop essential media skills using audio and film software. They are working collaboratively on specific real-life projects, serving the School and wider community. Projects include music filming and streaming, music videos, podcasts and live performance recording and editing, as well as developing skills used by youtubers, influencers and sound designers – set for this new chapter in our digital lives. The Year 9 Enrichment option is feeding into this with basic sound design, samples and sequencers as well as editing and remixing their favourite music.

The programme has gathered pace in the last few weeks and they are involved in a number of exciting projects: production of music videos for Gresham’s Girls and Gresham’s Guys, production of the Holt Walkathon podcasts with more Community podcasts in the pipeline. Responsibility lies with YML in creating the House Music trailers and Unison films as well as being involved in filming Part Song and Instrumental.