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New pupils

We welcome new pupils to the Prep School from Year 3 but pupils may join at any point from Year 3 to Year 8. In advance of joining, pupils are invited to a taster day at the Prep School to provide them with an opportunity to experience school life and meet some new pupils and staff.

In addition, in the Summer term before they join they will be invited to visit and have lunch at the school, meet some of their teachers and other pupils. This session is organised to help children familiarise themselves with the school, receive further information about the forthcoming term and an opportunity to ask staff any questions.

Existing pupils from the Pre-Prep

Children at the Pre-Prep have the advantage that there are a number of opportunities from Year 2 where they are gradually introduced to life at the Prep School.  Events from singing in Chapel once a term, dedicated sports coaching from sports teachers at the Prep school as well as a range of other events all help to familiarise pupils with the staff and and school before they start.

From other schools

All children joining the Prep school are invited to a Welcome Morning at the school with their parents in the Summer Term before they are due to start in September. This event provides information to parents to help them prepare for the new academic year and familiarise themselves with their child’s new routine.  Children get to meet some of their teachers, other pupils in their year and enjoy a delicious lunch with the Head. This is also a good opportunity to answer any questions you or your child may have.

Before joining in September, your Houseparent will write to your son/daughter introducing themselves and providing them with the necessary information to help prepare them for their first term at the Prep School.  Your child’s tutor will also introduce themselves in the first few weeks of term and provide you with the their contact details.

If you are unable to attend the above settling in session, taster days can be arranged.  Please contact the Prep School office at [email protected].


In the Michaelmas Term (Autumn), the Parents’ Association organises a New Parents evening where new parents are invited for a glass of wine to meet other new parents and staff.  A range of social events are held throughout the year which is always a good way of meeting other parents at the school.

Prep School Parent Guide 2024-25