Sport and Swimming

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Sport and Physical Education (PE) has always been a strong focus at Gresham’s where the wide-ranging benefits of team sports are recognised. All year groups from Nursery to Year 2 are taught in a variety of disciplines by specialist PE staff. We take advantage of several sport and swimming venues across the Gresham’s campus to ensure that children get the best experience in all aspects of PE. Children from Nursery are taught basic ball skills and movement which gradually progress onto sports skills and participation in team games and activities.

All pupils are exposed to a variety of sports including Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country Running, Dance, Gymnastics, Health-related Fitness, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Rounders, Swimming and Tennis with opportunities available throughout the year for some pupils to participate in team fixtures. Sport at the Pre-Prep culminates in the Summer Term with the annual Sports Day. In addition, all pupils from Reception upwards benefit from weekly swimming lessons from a qualified coach at Gresham’s on-site swimming pool.

If, at the end of the school day, your child would like to take part in additional activities, our After School Hobbies provides a variety of activities and sports to choose from such as Tennis, Football and Sports Acrobatics.

Children at Gresham’s Nursery and Pre-Prep take part in weekly yoga sessions and particularly enjoy combining their movements with songs and story-telling. Practicing yoga can significantly develop a child’s gross motor skills through body awareness and increased strength, balance and coordination. Yoga is also a great form of mindfulness, giving children much needed time to pause away from screens and distraction. We find it really helps to support our children’s wellbeing, particularly as a method for coping with stress and anxiety.